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Gelavit Pure

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GelaVit pure ®

What is GelaVit?

Healthy joints and tendons are necessary for you to have the life you want!

  • Do you do sports and move a lot?
  • Is your job physically demanding?
  • Do you lose vitality as you grow older?


We often realise how important it is that our joints function properly and are nourished adequately only after they start hurting. In an instant, we feel decades older. The body loses its flexibility and the good spirit and joy of the active life are gone.

Everyone knows how important it is to eat properly. One of the elements of our diet should be proper nourishment for our bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons, too. Our movement apparatus needs to receive collagen. Ideally, in combination with vitamins and minerals. There are several products containing collagen on the market. However, their contents and origin, or the added conservation substances often diminish the positive effects of the agent.

After long studies and testing, we have developed GelaVit – a gelatine combined with natural collagen, balanced content of vitamins and a pleasant fruit taste.

This tested joint nourishment for proper function and support of all body joints will help you to keep your health and joy of movement. And much more!

Collagen is the elixir of youth, ensuring that your skin stays beautiful and healthy.

Collagen which we use in our products is, clinically tested and it is of the highest quality with an increased absorption of collagen type I.

We offer natural joint nourishment products for customers of all age, as well as lactose intolerant customers.

Gelavit contains natural vegetable based gelatine which has more minerals in comparison with the animal based one. The vegetable gelatine does not contain proteins, so we add them in form of fish collagen to our products. It is a tasteless substance with no odour, providing extraordinary positive effects on our health.

Bones & Tendons

It supports proper functioning of bones and tendons and reduces pain.


It supports proper functioning of skin and hydrates it.


It supports proper functioning of nails and hydrates them.


It supports proper functioning of hair and hydrates it.


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