Let food be thy medicine

The author of this quote is the father of western medicine Hippocrates. Formulated millennia ago, it still remains valid.
The full waiting rooms of orthopaedists and the problems the young have at walking, bending or moving at all are signs that something is wrong with our diet and lifestyle. The GelaVit story begins with a similar “story of health lost”.

I have been and active athlete for all my life. I could not imagine my life without moving actively. My back issues appeared when I started in a demanding job. My body did not have enough time to rest. The tendons and joints were under enormous pressure and a vertebral disc “gave up”. The intense and persistent pain hindered me from walking, driving, or any more complex physical activity.

Luckily for me, a good physician I saw decided to treat me with food instead of an operation. After eating gelatine for some time, I learnt how important it is in our diet and got back on my feet. As eating gelatine on its own was not very pleasant, I searched for ways how to prepare tasty and natural food with positive effects on our movement apparatus, containing the important vitamins and minerals we need.

The result of my years of studying, testing and trying is the GelaVit product line – tasty and healthy food products.

It is best to start taking them daily before any problems with joint wear appear. However, also when fighting these issues, they are a great supplement to your treatment. Regular use of collagen combined with vitamins can prevent many health issues.

Nina Bernardo,

Founder of Company

History of the company:

Business cooperation with new partners, active participation in exhibitions and lectures.

Cooperating with DuMax pharma s.r.o..

Participation in exhibitions and direct sale. New distribution networks, establishing online marketing and new products on the market.

29.08.2015 – establishing the company of Gelavit s.r.o. with its seat in Bratislava.